#TeenPit Entry #24 – ERA OF ECHOES, YA Fantasy

Pitch: Fifteen-year-old Tristan joins a prestigious guild to find his father. In danger of failing, he engages in a life-threatening quest to capture a legendary artifact and fix his reputation. Problem is, a dangerous organization is after the same artifact, and now it hunts Tristan too. First page of manuscript:    Pillows always made for a … More #TeenPit Entry #24 – ERA OF ECHOES, YA Fantasy

#TeenPit Entry #25 – SARACEN BLOOD, YA Fantasy

Pitch: Shifting power between angelic intelligence and the demons’ raw emotion pulls the tide of human interactions to-and-fro. Zain is unwittingly a gear in this oscillating device, one that archangel Raizel wishes to destroy, which may leave humanity an emotionless shell. Can, and should, Zain survive? First page of manuscript: There she stood again. Cold … More #TeenPit Entry #25 – SARACEN BLOOD, YA Fantasy

#TeenPit Entry #23 – REFLECTIONS, YA Mystery

Pitch: What if the only reason we can’t walk through mirrors is because our reflection blocks us? When Sterling, a seventeen-year-old with bipolar depression, finds his college professor and lifelong friend shot protecting the secrets behind mirrors, it’s up to Sterling to find the truth before it finds him. First page of manuscript “Sterling? Sterling, … More #TeenPit Entry #23 – REFLECTIONS, YA Mystery

#TeenPit Entry #22 – DEVELOPING NEGATIVES, YA Speculative/Historical

Pitch: Booker, a Chicago college student documenting the 1970s anti-war protests, purchases a camera with used film containing photographs that shockingly resemble him. With only an address and no recollection of his childhood, he embarks on a cross country road trip to find out who he is. First page: The muffled sounds of angry protesters … More #TeenPit Entry #22 – DEVELOPING NEGATIVES, YA Speculative/Historical

#TeenPit Entry #21 – THE LOST ONES, MG Fantasy

Pitch : After the attack from an unknown entity, siblings Alexander and Makayla Summers find out their hidden sorcerer heritage. They have to search the foreign realm of mythological creatures and save their missing father before he could be used to perform a spell that could kill humans and creatures alike. First page of manuscript: Wednesdays … More #TeenPit Entry #21 – THE LOST ONES, MG Fantasy