Editing Services and Seminars

Writing is hard work, especially finishing your first novel. Now that you have a manuscript, what do you do with it?

I can help.

As a fiction writer, former Pitch Wars mentor, and creative writing teacher, I have more than a decade of academic, fiction writing, and editing experience behind me. I look forward to helping you work through the problems of character, voice, clarity, structure, and plot. From single pass overviews of your manuscript to customized, one-on-one creative writing seminars based on YOUR manuscript, I can help you grow as a writer to create a book ready for querying or self-publishing.

Query Critique & Polish $35: Queries take work. Over two edits, we will clean your query and focus your comp titles to give your query the best possible hook for agents or editors.

Manuscript critique services:
First 50 Page Critique – $150  This service includes a full read through of your first fifty pages including grammar, plot holes, character issues, and anything else that might pop up to derail your all important opening chapters. I will send you a detailed analysis of your strengths and the areas that still need work (character, plot, motivation and more), including in-text notes. Ready to go the distance with your book? Upgrade to a full critique and I will deduct the $75 from your final cost.

Full read through and critique of your manuscript

  • Up to 50k words  – $400
  • Up to 75k words – $500
  • Up to 100K words – $750
  • Over 100k words – $1000 and up (project evaluated on editing need)

This is a critique of your manuscript as whole with limited line edits and in-text comments. What works, what could be stronger, and how you get there. I will offer constructive suggestions on character, setting, voice, tone, plot, etc. (I am an English teacher after all!) These suggestions will help you make your manuscript stronger as you get closer to submission. You will receive a detailed letter from me to help you improve your project. Second read throughs of your manuscript after you revise – $100.

Book Revision Services/Developmental Editing – A revision is not a critique. We’re talking development in character, plot, and closing structural holes. This is the most intense of revisions and includes email and phone contact (2 one hour conversations) to help you flesh out your ms. Prices vary. Contact me for a quote.

Contact me:

Do you have a project you would like to discuss?

E-mail me at hopkins18419(at)yahoo(DOT)com with who you are and a description of your project. I am open to both fiction and non-fiction projects but I specialize in children’s, MG, YA because of my librarian background. Also accepting women’s and commercial fiction. No erotica please.

What do my clients have to say about my editing services?

“Kelly is a query wizard – she has an incredible ability to dissect the most important parts of your story and help you create a pitch so great it even makes you excited about the chance to read your book. Another added bonus is she doesn’t just give great feedback, she also helps by making actual edits in the query so you can see her advice at work and build from there! I loved working with her and if I ever have to query again I will not enter the trenches without Kelly’s help!” Tomi Adeyemi, 2017 PitchWars Mentee, author of CHILDREN OF BLOOD AND BONE (Macmillan).

“I would highly recommend Kelly’s query critique services. Not only is she prompt and thorough, she’s also honest while still highlighting your query’s current strengths. She helped me trim unnecessary words, while allowing me to maintain my voice and showcase the uniqueness of my plot in a concise manner. I’m very excited to send this query out into the world and see the response!” Jaime S. via Twitter

“For so many of us, query letters are difficult to write. I highly recommend Kelly for query critique services. She’s thoroughly professional, easy to work with, and helped me see things with a new perspective, which was exactly what I needed. I love the final product!”  — Barb H.

I have to say your critique is THE best I’ve had. You nailed it perfectly.” Cindy Dorminy, author of TUNED INTO YOU, 2016 from BookFish Books

“Love the edits! Thank you SO MUCH for your expertise!” Deborah via Twitter.

“I highly recommend Kelly’s work. She is very thorough, always taking the time to answer my questions and clarify her suggestions. She goes the extra mile with her clients and she is a pleasure to work with. My query and pages are transformed thanks to her, and I hope I can work with her again soon!” Kelly Barina via Twitter.


2 thoughts on “Editing Services and Seminars

  1. Hi, I am interested in working with you on my MS. I will be traveling out of the country over the next three months and will be working on my final edits. I look forward to hearing from you.


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