Class of 2019, TeenPit Mentor Matches

Congrats to our Class of 2019 mentors and mentees! We’re so excited to work with you to improve your stories, help you gain new skills, and answer your publishing questions as you boldly march into your writing future!

And.. the 2019 Mentor Pairs are:

Vontae Jones: YA contemporary/own voices

Camille Simkin: YA Dystopian
MENTOR: Erin Gunti

Penelope McDonald: YA Contemporary
MENTOR: Rick Wheeler

Samia Cushing: MG Contemporary Fantasy
MENTOR: Julie Artz & Becky Dean

Lucy Layton: YA Contemporary
MENTOR: Deborah Maroulis

Tobe Chukudebelu: MG fantasy
MENTOR: Mary Baader Kaley

Morgan Alexander: YA Fantasy
MENTORS: Kim Smejkal and Jade Mae Hemming

Dion Marie Hubert: YA Contemporary

Tas Mollah: YA Psych Thriller
MENTOR: Tracy Gold

Jessica Viernes: YA Fantasy
MENTOR: Nova McBee

Sonia Ballada: YA Contemporary Fantasy
MENTOR: Lisa Schunemann

Sidra Eschauzier: YA Sci-fi
MENTOR: Kerbie Addis

Ananya Devarajan: YA Thriller
MENTOR: Jennifer Camiccia

Wyatt Harpold: MG Fantasy
MENTOR: Kaitlin Hundscheid & Tara Turley Creel

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