Meet the Mentees: Post #8

More of our talented #TeenPit Class of 2017!

Mentee: Jerica O. Viernes

Mentor: Timanda Wertz

Title: The Lost Ones

Genre: MG Fantasy


  1. When did you start writing? I started as a campus journalist writing feature articles when I was in seventh grade. I wrote a couple(and unfinished) Filipino novels when I was thirteen. Well, I only decided to write one in English before April 2017.

  2. What inspired your #TeenPit project? I love the chemistry between Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural, and I’ve been reading a whole lot of fantasy and mythology books since elementary, so I decided that why not use my love for fantasy and mythology to create a story of an overprotective sister and her little brother on an adventure to save someone or everyone? Insert my imaginary pale skinned and black eyed stalker at night and we have an idea.

  3. Who is your favorite author? This is cliché but mine is J.K. Rowling. Gotta love her determination and history behind publishing Harry Potter.

  4. What is your favorite book? Again, cliché. I’ll go between Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling or Gone Series of Michael Grant.

  5. Is there a piece of advice you’d like to give other teen writers about revising, working with a mentor, entering a contest, etc? Ignore the people telling you to stop writing. Whether you live in US, UK, Australia or outside of the three, don’t let your skin color, nationality and culture hinder you from writing. Newsflash: You should write for yourself first, and not for other people. If someone, a mentor or an adult with writing expertise, offers some advise–take it and find what’s wrong about your novel. But for all those available criticisms and comment’s worth, remember that you are the one writing and the final decider of things.

Mentee: Reida Bookman
Mentor: Jen F
Title: The Outlier
Genre: YA Fantasy

When did you start writing? I’ve been writing since I was about ten although I threatened to write years before.

What inspired your #TeenPit project? Some kick-butt women in my life

Who is your favourite author? There’s so many! Steven king is definitely one of them.

What is your favourite book? The Giver by Lois Lowry it’s amazing

Is there a piece of advice you’d like to give other teen writers about revising, working with a mentor, entering a contest, etc? Take all the critique, suggestions, and support your mentor provides! Soak it all in! Also don’t be afraid to reach out to the other contestants, they’re facing a lot of the same challenges and can be a great support system.


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