#TeenPit Entry #8 – GHOSTS DON’T KILL, YA Mystery


Two rules for solving a murder:
1. Make sure it’s really a murder
2. Leave it to the police detectives, like your dad

Brian breaks both rules to uncover the truth about the car wreck that killed his mother, but when another victim turns up, it’s clear that broken rules are just the beginning.

First page of manuscript:

Even if I could make it snow in Texas, it’d never feel like home. Even if I could play the Weather God, I’d never be able to bring the dead back to life. Just like that, Mom is dead, and dead is forever. Yet her ghost lingers in every corner of this town, when all I want to do is run from her.

My parents’ home, Espe, is a place fifty miles away from civilization, haunted by people’s pasts. At least mine and my parents’. They ran away when they had me. Now we are headed back because we don’t have Mom.

Every green light, every turn pulls us further away from her. When the road finally swallows us and our memories together, I see her in the passenger seat; now she’ll never move from there. I hear the deafening screech of tires rolling over gravel. I feel it sucking in all the oxygen.

I roll down the window to let the air brush my face. People who invented cars added windows for a reason. I’m sure it wasn’t to keep them closed, suffocating ourselves inside. Scattered flower petals whirl swiftly on the ground, and the wind sends them to follow our car. A baby blue petal lands on the back of my hand.

I squeeze my eyes shut. ‘I wish I didn’t exist.’ I blow on the petal and open my eyes. The wind carries my wish through the bushes and whatever is beyond them.


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