#TeenPit Entry #4 – OUT OF MY MIND, YA Science Fiction

Pitch: 17-year-old Mia has always hidden her telepathy—until she meets Brayden. Their shared power draws them together, but Brayden has a mission to complete that forces him to push her away. When Brayden’s secrets begin to unravel lies told by Mia’s mother, Mia and Brayden must trust each other to get to the truth.

First page of manuscript: 

My body is numb. Something is different.

My best friend, Sky, is talking my ear off beside me but I can barely hear her over the static clouding my thoughtsThe principal enters followed by a messy haired boy. My eyes zero in on the new boy at the front of the room.

“You must be Brayden Gray,” Mrs. Matthews greets. Brayden’s lips tilt into a small smile as he nods, but I can tell it’s forced. His eyes scan the room and come to a stop once they reach me. Every inch of my skin ignites into flames. The desperation in his eyes tells me he wants to look away but can’t. Why can’t I look away?

What the hell is happening?

Mrs. Matthews points to an open seat for him and Brayden finally tears his eyes away. Gradually, the static swarming my brain becomes a loud ringing that could only be described as two microphones touching, making it even harder to focus on Sky’s words, and that’s when Brayden’s tall frame slips into the seat right next to mine.

            Who is Sky? A male’s voice asks and Brayden’s narrowed eyes land on me. I freeze. Did he just read my mind?

The rise and fall of Brayden’s chest is too quick and I realize mine is doing the same. His hands are wrapped so tightly around the desk that they’re losing color.

What if he knows I can read his mind?


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