#TeenPit Entry #3 – THE OUTLIERS, YA Fantasy

Pitch: Seventeen-year-old Li and her team—a shy poet, a reluctant traveler, and a shifty ally—must learn to work together to stop the Lord of Bridgestone before he destroys the town with his fanatical ideas. Unless someone in the team betrays them first.

First page of manuscript:

The mission was simple. Get the Innocent and get out. Oh, and Li couldn’t let herself be seen.
Stretching stiff limbs, Li fumbled for the handle of her favourite knife under her lumpy sack of a pillow. Her hand closed around smooth bone and she extracted the weapon, turning it sideways to examine the blade before strapping it to her waist. Another night had passed without using her pillow knife.

It had been a good couple of weeks.

She peeked outside. A slap of cold wind greeted her. Camp was empty, all the tents sealed up tight. She still had time.

Li’s scarf was where she left it the day before, coiled up like a snake beside her blankets. She snatched the scarf, wrapping it over her head. Tucking all the individual curls into her scarf was mind-numbingly frustrating. But it was worth the time. Li couldn’t be recognizable. If the guards spotted an intruder that would be one thing, but if they saw it was her that was another.

Bracing herself against the wind Li bumbled out of her tent and stood up straight. The world was still shrouded in darkness. The sun would slowly rise behind the mountains as the minutes of the morning kept ticking away. The leaves around her shuddered.

Tomas, her brother and the tribe’s leader, stood tall against the sweeping breeze with a fur hugging his broad shoulders. “Are you ready?”

Li nodded.

“And Li.” He folded his arms tight to his chest. “Don’t let the witch get you.”


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