#TeenPit Entry #24 – ERA OF ECHOES, YA Fantasy

Pitch: Fifteen-year-old Tristan joins a prestigious guild to find his father. In danger of failing, he engages in a life-threatening quest to capture a legendary artifact and fix his reputation. Problem is, a dangerous organization is after the same artifact, and now it hunts Tristan too.

First page of manuscript:   

Pillows always made for a better journey.

Tristan’s neck ached as he shifted left and right, the stiff seat a hammer against his back as the airship swayed. It billowed through the clouds, creaking its wooden wings and expelling pungent fuel from behind.

If he couldn’t get a pillow, at least let the ride be over.

Over meant two things—stretching out his back and of course, setting foot in the prestigious High Guild, ShiningSaber.

The captain’s voice distorted over the speakers, “Arriving in Lerlox, Brightford. Get ready for landing!”

A giddy feeling rose in his heart. After he and his friend Isadora had applied to the guild only a few months back, everything seemed surreal. But now, as they were only a mere league away, dreams and reality became one.

As a former toilet washer and shoe polisher, Tristan had a lot to say about work ethic. He’d learned the best way to negotiate with customers, the easiest approach to the task of arduous labour and the necessary quickness of limbs it takes to multitask. He’d done it to gain experience. In the back of his mind he hoped that the strenuous work would have its pay off, but he knew that whatever the guild was going to throw at him… it would be a hundred times harder.

But he was ready.

The airship landed at the dock with thunderous creaks. Tristan and Isadora hopped out of their seats and almost had the wind knocked out of them as they stepped off the ship.


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