#TeenPit Entry #25 – SARACEN BLOOD, YA Fantasy


Shifting power between angelic intelligence and the demons’ raw emotion pulls the tide of human interactions to-and-fro. Zain is unwittingly a gear in this oscillating device, one that archangel Raizel wishes to destroy, which may leave humanity an emotionless shell. Can, and should, Zain survive?

First page of manuscript:

There she stood again. Cold eyes, like staring into the deepest point of the Black Sea. Ethereal wisps of grey fog formed her dress, lazily twirling around her body. She raised a slender arm, lacy tattoos running along it in mismatched patterns.

A slender finger curled, calling me forward. And I ran.


“‘Tela,’ are you alright?” My father’s voice shook me from my restless slumber. Sweat clung to me as my hands dug into the covers. I rose quickly, only to be caught in his arms. The intimacy was comforting. His hazel eyes were warm compared to the ones plaguing my dreams.

“It’s pronounced ‘Teleh.’ God, learn Hebrew before using it to craft stupid pet names. Zain works just fine.” I mustered up a smile and embraced him. Although I wouldn’t say it, I was grateful for how he watched over me when the nightmares stirred my rest.

Jean giggled with a mute chuckle. I gave him a firm pat on the back as he caught his breath. He beamed at me before defending his point.  “Awww, but you are my sweet ‘Tela,’ and your sister Adi is a cute little ‘Kehlehv.’”

The way he pronounced the words made me cringe. It wasn’t just that, though.

Kehlehv. Dog. Wolf. A grim reminder of what the nightmare was. A demon, one who took the shape of both wolf and woman.

Worse, the dream was a memory, not my imagination.

“I know that you keep having that nightmare, but I promise it’s just your wild imagination.”


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