#TeenPit Entry #23 – REFLECTIONS, YA Mystery

Pitch: What if the only reason we can’t walk through mirrors is because our reflection blocks us? When Sterling, a seventeen-year-old with bipolar depression, finds his college professor and lifelong friend shot protecting the secrets behind mirrors, it’s up to Sterling to find the truth before it finds him.

First page of manuscript

“Sterling? Sterling, are you with us?”

I snap back into the dimly lit auditorium. Tiered rows hold hundreds of eyes, most of which look in my direction. I lift my head from its resting place on my arms, slouching back in my chair located in the center of the lecture hall. How important can this stuff be?

Guy, my advisor and Psychology professor, raises his bushy grey eyebrows at me. The class chuckles. I sink lower, wishing I were invisible. Attention slowly shift back to Guy.

Towards the front of the room, one of the kids who stays in the same frat house as me twitches in his seat. Toby’s ginger hair ruffles together, the back of his head a mass of pillow-induced knots.

Is he okay?

Something about him seems…wrong. He doesn’t normally tweak and twitch like a two-year-old with a full bladder. He usually sits still, either on his phone or taking a nap.

He grips the front of his desk, almost hard enough to dig his nails into the wood.

What’s gotten into him? I watch him for a few more moments. His mouth moves as if he were talking to someone.

I swallow the lump in my throat and make a mental note to keep my distance. I can’t get wrapped up in someone else’s problems if I can’t even keep myself in check.

At the front of the room, Guy traps his hair behind his ears, something he does when he’s nervous.

What is up with everyone?


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