#TeenPit Entry #21 – THE LOST ONES, MG Fantasy

Pitch :

After the attack from an unknown entity, siblings Alexander and Makayla Summers find out their hidden sorcerer heritage. They have to search the foreign realm of mythological creatures and save their missing father before he could be used to perform a spell that could kill humans and creatures alike.

First page of manuscript:

Wednesdays should not end with a woman from a horror movie making an appearance. No, not really. Because a normal Wednesday or any other day should end up with a good night greeting.

And death should come at a later date if you’re a thirteen-year-old girl. Maybe at the age of ninety with wrinkles and a wheelchair, not with a Sadako look-alike.

A ball of flame appeared on the woman’s hand, slowly reaching my head. When her fingers touched my hair, the fire engulfed my face, slowly reaching down to my hands, until my whole body was ablaze.

This was the end. I, Makayla Summers, would be burned alive.

I guess it all started when I watched Jacob Li ran out of the storage room like a rat with a glare on my face. It was after class dismissal, so I wanted to visit Dad as early as I could.

I turned to Alexander, my little brother, and offered my hand. When he took it, I pulled him up and saw his face was redder, green eyes and cheeks blemished with tears.

“You shouldn’t have done that Makayla! He’s just going to beat me up worse next time!” he said.

“And what?” I sneered. “Let that principal’s spawn punch you in the face again? Let him bully you again? What kind of a sister am I if I’ll let that pig hurt you?”

“A good one.” He sniffed and wiped the tears in his eyes.

“That’s a load of bull, Xander.”


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