#TeenPit Entry #20 – MYSTICS, YA Fantasy

Pitch: Sixteen-year-old orphan Carina came to New York City to find answers, not super powers. Now she must band together with her fellow Mystics, each with abilities of their own, to infiltrate the government to find answers—and her missing mother—before the Phalanxes hunt them down.

First page of manuscript:

Am I dead?

The question tumbled through my mind, a whirlwind of anxiety that demanded an answer.

“Excuse me?” I said again.  The woman—her name tag said Nancy—leaned against the wall of a sandwich shop, and didn’t look up. “I was just wondering if you know how to get to Kips Bay? I took a wrong turn and—”

She stared past me. I waved a hand right in front of her face. Nothing.

“Umm hi—”

Her face contorted and her eyes grew wide. She froze in place.

“Nancy? I was—”

A shocked scream escaped her lips. Her hands trembled and as fast as lightning, she stumbled back into the sandwich shop. I didn’t exactly believe in ghosts, but she certainly looked as though she had seen one.

Maybe I wasn’t a ghost. Maybe she just couldn’t see me.

It wasn’t abnormal to feel invisible on the busy streets of New York. Especially walking down Madison Square during rush hour, everyone squirming in different directions. A sea of restless people rushed around me, oblivious. Until one tripped over my once-white tennis shoes and stumbled, briefcase clutched in hand. The man searched the ground, but he couldn’t see me either.

The seas parted around him and I seized the opportunity to plaster myself against the shop window before anyone else could knock into me.

It wasn’t special. There were hundreds in the city. But, what mesmerized me was what wasn’t there. A reflection. My reflection.


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