#TeenPit Entry #19 – THE SURGE, Science Fiction


In a technocracy where every life is Overseen, Kylian and his autistic brother are captured by a resistance and shown their past. They must face the appalling activity of the Government and fight and dismantle the corrupt facade so the real world can be rebuilt.

First page of manuscript:

I, yet again, was hopelessly mesmerized by the Green Rooms’ familiar, emerald glow. It was always so inviting. I only saw that pale green in pictures, if not the Green Rooms. A fleet of massive, bell shaped crafts hovered over the domes, and beamed down a bright helix of precious energy, into the even more immense domed glass buildings. The light they shot down was blinding compared to the dull gray of the sky behind it. I could never wrap my head around why they needed so much space, the domes were large, but they had miles of empty land around them.

“Kylian!” my younger brother called. He looked puzzled, his bright blue eyes watching my cheekbones, a casual pleasantness spread across his lightly stubbled face. I smiled down at him, knowing how far we had come. His gaze used to be constantly transfixed on everything but what he was addressing. He started to look like me about a year ago. We both wore the same gentle shadow of patchy facial hair across our faces. Kaito was a bit smaller than I was at his age, but, as brothers would be expected, we were genetically similar enough to notice.

“Hmm?” I asked. “I wasn’t listening, sorry. What’s up?” Kaito brushed his dark hair from his pale, freckled face, almost shaking off the headphones clamped tightly to his head.

“Tell me about before.” He pleaded softly. “Like the book Val gave you. Please? Class was so boring. I got in trouble for drawing again and the prof is threatening to collect my special pencils and break them.”


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