#TeenPit Entry #16 – THE DREAMON, Contemporary Fantasy

Held prisoner in a dream world, fifteen-year-old Lucy has seven days to defeat the nightmarish demon who trapped her there. If she fails to overcome warped laws of physics and a mind-altering serum, she’ll never wake up again.

First page of manuscript:
My legs pumped faster than the Roadrunner’s, my bike tires squealing as I took a corner right on the edge. The wind tangled my brown hair around my face and backpack straps. School started five minutes ago.

‘Fashionably late’ didn’t cut it. More like here’s-your-seat-in-detention late. Oh-my-god-Lucy-you-need-to-get-your-life-together late.

Despite my tunnel vision, I saw the dog bound out of the bushes just in time. I squeezed the brakes so hard I almost flipped the bike over. The black lab whooshed past, inches away from my front tire.

I don’t think it even saw the red Chevy coming down the other side of the street. My heart leaped into my throat. “Watch out!”

I looked away a split second before the car hit. Thud. The dog’s terrified yelp tore at my chest. The Chevy gunned its engine and faded away.

“No,” I whispered. The concrete swam as tears stung my eyes. Stupid dog. Stupid driver. Hardly anyone ever drove down this street.

I looked up at the spot where the car had hit, imagining blood, death …

There was nothing there.

I dropped my bike and crouched, running my hands over the clean concrete. Impossible. I’d heard the car make contact. Even if the dog got away, there should be a spot of blood, a tuft of hair – some sign that it had been there.


I spun towards the sound. A black dog sniffed the back wheel of my bike.

My palms tingled. It had to be a different dog. The only other explanation could be me going crazy.

Or seeing ghosts.


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