#TeenPit Entry #15 – LIKE HURRICANES, YA Contemporary


James Dean copycat and Rimbaud wannabe, sixteen-year-old Pietro “Pit” Rossi just wants to fit in.   After a lonely childhood, Pietro is terrified of losing his friends. But when he fails sophomore year because of his reckless lifestyle, he realizes that, instead, he might have lost himself.

First page of manuscript:

Loneliness. It had always scared me. More than boredom or silence or giant spiders on my neck. And that morning, as I stood among those tanned and tireless bodies that danced and laughed and sang of love, my fear of loneliness grew deeper. I could almost taste it in my mouth.

I took a step back and I was two steps further. With mismatched socks and puffy eyes, I looked at the sky and it was just as hungover. Italy, Italy, Italy! Everybody loved Italy for its clear sky and sunny beaches and romantic holidays, but for my city of Genoa, autumn was the perfect season. September breeze carried the salty scent of the sea and mixed with wet orange leaves and it was dirty and grey and beautiful. It always poured at the beginning of autumn, as if to remind us lazy bastards that summer was officially gone. The rain battered against the closed shutters of comfy houses, and in the morning left tear drops on palm and olive trees.

Genoa without rain was like teenage angst without cigarettes. So I lit up a Marlboro and took a puff. Not only because I wanted to look like James Dean, although that’s always part of it. I was just…my body was shaking and my hand needed something to hold.

“Wow, you guys look like shit.”

I looked up, but before my eyes could even fall on her shadow, my heart stopped and raced at the same time. It was her.


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