#TeenPit Entry #13 – INFINITUM, Science Fiction


Oppressed by poverty and injustice, Raven Gray steals a spaceship and enters a wormhole—a one-way ticket to either death or a new home.

She emerges in a galaxy where alien civilizations are on the verge of war. She must decide: hide, or risk her life to bring peace.

STAR TREK VOYAGER meets Arthur C. Clarke.

First page of manuscript:


Mimas spaceport, trailing orbit above Saturn

The ground shook below Raven Gray’s feet and the smell of sweat and garbage stung her nose as she weaved through the riots. Crowds rushed past her and she grabbed Morales’ hand to stay upright. Chants and yells pounded against her eardrums.

Morales dragged her to the right to avoid an officer who was beating back a small group with a baton. Her head throbbed when she looked down at their bruised and bloodied faces. She didn’t see rioters anymore. Only the cold dead eyes of her father, killed in a riot years ago.

Morales shook her, and she broke her gaze to look at him. The usual light in his eyes was replaced by weariness and concern.

“Hey, you all right?”

She nodded. “Yeah, let’s go.”

Their crew of refugees was dispersed through the surging crowds to avoid suspicion. Raven looked at her touchpad. Everyone’s signals were green. If they were caught or in trouble, they double tapped a small implant in their arm to turn the signal red.

She stumbled over a crumpled sign—Bring Earth down!—which drew the eye of a nearby officer with blood splattered on his forearms. Breath caught in her chest as he curled his fingers over his baton.

Morales wrapped his arm around her and led her away.

From the distance, the muffled screams of other riots made her shudder.


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