#TeenPit Entry #12 – RENEGADE, YA Fantasy

Pitch: Brothers Nathan and Jeffrey are inseparable from the moment they climb through a portal to the supernatural Fortis compound – until Nathan turns rogue to protect Jeffrey and isolate him from the girl prophesied to get him killed.

First Page: 

Moonlight streaming through the broken window glinted off my silver blade, winking at me as if we shared a secret. In a way, we did; the knife knew it’d be the key to save or end my brother’s life.

My brother – Jeffrey, four years younger than me, and nearly as mature – stared into me. Against the greys and browns of the bookshelves behind him, flecks of green in his eyes stood out like patches of life in a desert. His look dared me to give him a reason why I’d retreated from the world. Why I’d cut ties with my former friends. Why I’d begun snipping the smallest veins that had connected us since our mother’s death.

“Nathan?” he questioned. “Is something wrong with you lately?”

I twisted the knife between my fingers. As if the stacks of withering books lining the library walls served as my jury, I tried to hide the uncertainty blanketing my plan. But Jeffrey watched me – frowning, breaths rising and falling, fingertips shaking just enough for me to notice he was alive.

I’d do anything – anything – to keep him that way. I had to, regardless of my vision, or any other mistakes I made along the way – including the chance I’d do harm as soon as I spoke.

I took a breath anyway. “Jeff, I need you to do something you won’t like.”

Something you aren’t going to like – that was an understatement. I wouldn’t blame him if he ripped the knife from my hands and slit my throat.


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