#TeenPit Entry # 9 – CHOSEN, YA Fantasy


When eighteen-year-old Griffon discovers he is the sole bearer of an ancient magic, he is launched into a dangerous war between a growing rebellion and the king’s loyal army. Griffon must harness his newfound powers and join the rebellion, or else his family, friends, and kingdom will fall.
First page of manuscript:
It would be a miracle if we survived the winter. The sun beat down mercilessly against my back as I bent over our dying crops, trying to salvage their meager existence and ignore the aching pain that gripped my tired body. Summer was drawing dangerously to a close and the harvest that would get us through winter was nearly nonexistent. The miserable growing season had left only measly barley stalks and after the latest bug infestation, the fields were devastated.

I pulled up a rotting weed and tossed it aside, wiping a layer of sweat and grime from beneath my straw-colored hair with dirt-stained hands. My younger sister, Bea, was further down the row hard at work. Her thick, chestnut hair had come loose as she wrestled with her own plants, splattering mud all over the bottom of her fraying dress. Beyond her, my older brother Darren tore through the weeds like a madman, knowing full well our tight timeline.

I grunted and yanked at a particularly stubborn plant, willing it to give up its hold on the earth. Instead, its tough blades tore through my hands, easily slicing open the skin across my palms. Blood oozed from the cuts, causing me to panic. No, please not now. I swiped my bleeding hands across my pant legs, praying that the uncontrollable power I kept hidden would not appear.




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