#TeenPit Entry # 1 – ALL THOSE WHO WANDER, Science Fiction


MINORITY REPORT meets A THOUSAND PIECES OF YOU: Amnesiac Bree is hired by the Chronological Maintenance Department to hunt time-traveling criminals. When seeing the criminals trigger lost memories, Bree must journey to their city outside of time to unravel her past, and the Department’s increasingly sinister motives.

First page of manuscript:

There’s something beautiful about order. The precise row of footsteps I leave behind in the snow makes me wonder if this is how other peoples’ memories are—one after another in perfect sequence, a past they can walk through over and over again.

If only my past could be the same way.

I shiver, drawing up my coat’s collar. The gentle snowflakes of a few moments ago now swirl in violent flurries, catching on my eyelashes and nesting in my hair. Downtown Calgary’s tall buildings gleam in the distance, watching my progress towards the corner store like sentinels standing guard.

What does it matter if my memory is filled with holes? It’s probably better that I forget, that I don’t remember how I got the burns on my back. I have the present, and, most importantly, the future. They are things I can put in order, and they’re far more important than some childhood over a decade dead.

I rub my hands together in a futile attempt to warm them. The store lies ahead, muffled under a white blanket, parking lot empty but for a single car, driver’s door left open. Strange.

The closer I get, the stranger it seems. I’m not sure it’s even a car at all, small and lithe and rounded to practically a half-sphere.

I reach to close its door, and jerk back—stomach flipping, nausea rising in my throat. An ache pushes at my temples, filling my head with jagged, senseless whispers, a yearning I can’t quite explain.