#TeenPit #7 – SIX MEANS FORTUNE, YA Fantasy

Pitch: Abducted by an orphan society where decisions are made by the toss of dice, Ben must either overthrow their unstable leader—whose addiction to fate risks his survival—or join with them to prevent a vengeful princess and her ruthless armies from invading his home.


First page of manuscript:

It was summer; it should not have been snowing.

Ben craned his neck to stare at the bruised sky, watching the white flakes dance. He and his fiancée had just left their arranged engagement, but now the road crowded with foreign beggars.

If only the courthouse hadn’t kept us so late.

He kept his arm linked in Risha’s as he dodged the reaching hands lining the streets. Scents of oily bodies filled Ben’s nostrils, making him grimace. Ice-coated cobblestones lay in rows before him, every crack in the road filled with snow.

Risha stumbled to keep up with him as myths of summer snowstorms rang through his mind; stories of demons manipulating the weather to abduct unsuspecting citizens as their slaves. Ben blinked to stay focused, ignoring the childhood tales of a dark carriage he’d grown up fearing.

The ailing beggars let out anguished cries as they closed in, their blood-shot eyes staring at Ben through tears, but he blocked out the wails––as his father told him to do.

The crowd of migrants reminded him that places beyond Sejiavin’s borders were wild, where citizen’s killed their own leaders and many struggled. His father’s leadership made Yri one of the last cities ruled by anything but chaos, and Baron Westside wanted the desperate foreigners out.

Risha whimpered to her patron saints, cowering.

This is for Risha’s safety, Ben told himself.

Suddenly, her grip tore from his hand and she shrieked as a disheveled man jumped onto her, grabbing her by the shoulders.


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