Scout enrolls in demon hunting school for one reason: to destroy the devil that killed her. But her second life is cursed. Part of the devil is inside her, keeping her alive, and it wants to wreak havoc. To save the world – and her new love – Scout must destroy the devil, but if it dies, so will she.

First page of manuscript:

They gave me only one arrow. If I don’t stick it to the devil the first time, there won’t be a second time. They told me to turn around, that I don’t stand a chance.

But this devil needs to die, before it sends her Valkyrie and Skugga-Baldur after me or anyone else again.

My sweaty fingers clutch the crossbow so tight it hurts, my heart beats so loud I’m sure the beasts hunting me can hear it.

Below me, a waterfall snakes down the cliff side. It feasts on raindrops as thunder claps above, lightning tracing an angry sore across the sky. The mud has grown a mouth that gorges on my feet as I trek over craggy rocks and haunted grass.

Not exactly prime hunting conditions.

But I can’t turn back. If I don’t end the devil first, she’ll end me. I peek over my shoulder, ears prickling as I wait for the tell-tale beat of the Valkyrie’s wings and the scratch of the Skugga-Baldur’s claws.

There’s nothing.

As my muscles strain, ache to land that next step, my foot catches. I tumble down the cliff, the crossbow flying from my hand. I claw at the soil, nails ripping and skin tearing. Rocks crash into my side as I hit the bottom of the waterfall–limbs outstretched, bones bruised, but alive.

Shifting my now soaked body, I glance around the ravine – and meet the ashen eyes of the devil.


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