The #TeenPit Mentor Reveal is HERE!!!

Okay, #TeenPit Class of 2017! Everyone take a seat!

Now, class. You’re mentors are ready to take your pages and help you make them awesome. Here are a couple of important things to remember:

  • Your mentor will work with you to make your pages shine.
  • Your mentor might give you additional homework to help make you a better writer.
  • Your mentor might suggest books, articles, and the like for you to read after the contest is over.
  • When your mentor sends you your edit, DON’T PANIC. Read it over several times. Take notes. Digest what they’re saying BEFORE you make changes.
  • Don’t forget that your mentors are professional writers. This is their JOB. There may be days that they can’t immediately answer your emails or questions. Be patient and respectful of their time. They will get back to you as soon as possible!
  • If you are having a problem in the contest and you need a question answered IMMEDIATELY contact me or Mike Mammay on Twitter or through the submissionteenpit @gmail email address.
  • Most of all, have fun and learn! Take lots of notes on what your mentor tells you to do. They will be looking at your writing much differently than your teachers do. This is not a graded assignment; but it is all about learning how to be a writer.

And now for the mentors. In no particular order:

Ashley D. MacKenzie             I’M DISAPPOINTED

Becky Dean                              REFLECTIONS

Carrie Callaghan                     THE MYSTERIOUS HAUNTINGS OF CHLOE HART

Emily Ungar                            YOUR HOUSE, MY RULES

Gracie West                             SHE’S A HURRICANE

Heather Cashman                  THE SURGE

J. R. Yates                                LUCID

Jamie Manning                      SARACEN BLOOD

Jen Ferguson                          THE OUTLIERS

Judi Lauren                            LIKE HURRICANES

Julie Artz                                MYSTICS

K. Kazul Wolf                        A POOL OF DEAD BUTTERFLIES

Kerbie Addis                          OUT OF MY MIND

Kim Long                               ERA OF ECHOES

Kristen Ciccarelli                  SIX MEANS FORTUNE

Kristen Lepionka                  GHOSTS DON’T KILL

Leigh Mar                               SHADOWS OF SIN CITY

Lisa Schunemann                 THE DREAMON

Lyndsay Ely                           ALL THOSE WHO WANDER

M.K. England                        CARRIERS

McKelle George                    DEVELOPING NEGATIVES

Sharon Johnston                 CHOSEN

Sheena Boekweg                  THE MIND BEWITCHED

Stacey Trombley                  RENEGADE

Timanda Wertz                    THE LOST ONES

Tracy Gold                            INFINITUM