Entering #TeenPit – Submission Window Opens on April 15th at 8 AM EDT

Can you believe it! We’re ready to #TeenPit! Read all of the rules and requirements fully. Now is the time to ask questions!

The basics:

  1. Teens who wish to enter #TeenPit must be high school-aged students (grades 10-12). Students who do not attend a traditional high school must provide proof of age and educational status. Proof of age for any writer may be required for entry, and #TeenPit staff reserves the right to deny entry to writers who cannot be verified as teens.
  2. All teens who reach the mentor round must have a permission form filled in by their parent/guardian allowing their work to be evaluated one-on-one with their mentor. The permission form will be provided to final round contestants. In addition, permission is granted to allow the student’s first name, last initial to be published in relation to their entry. A pen name may also be used for privacy.
  3. Work must be the teen’s original work. A minimum of one full chapter (or twenty continuous pages of story, which ever is lesser) must be available for the final round. (A thirty page chapter will only have the first twenty pages worked on with a mentor.) Manuscript MUST be nearing completion to qualify for GRAND PRIZE of a guaranteed mentor slot in PITCHWARS. If your manuscript is in the top five as indicated by our judges, you will be required to submit your full manuscript as proof you are nearing completion of your project before qualifying for the GRAND PRIZE.
  4. Only one entry per person, please. Use “TeenPit Submission” in the subject line. Include the following information at the top of your email to submissionsteenpit@gmail.com:

Name: Jane Doe

Age: 17
Grade: 11
Word Count: 55000
Parent name: Margaret Doe
Parent email address: mdoe @ gmail.com
Parent contact phone number: 201 555 1212
School: Main Street Academy, New York, NY
English teacher’s name: Mrs. Amanda Jones
English teacher’s email address: jonesa @ mainstreet.edu

Follow this information by your PITCH: (50 word pitch goes here)

Followed by your FIRST PAGE, 250 word limit, but make sure to complete sentences! 256 words is okay if completing a thought, 265 is not!)

The rules!

  • Writers will be chosen to continue on to the mentor round by a team of judges, and all decisions are final. The number of second round entries will be dependent on the availability of mentors. Judges will pair teens with mentors who are familiar with the entry’s genre.
  • Mentors will be experienced adult writers familiar with the world of publishing. Some will be published writers, others may be editors, literary agent interns, or other uniquely qualified authors. Mentors will work with the finalists on their first chapter up to a maximum of 20 pages!
  • Only the first 200 manuscripts submitted within the submission window will be considered. 
  • Entries must be middle grade or young adult appropriate. No adult content, please.
  • All entrants will be respectful of their mentor’s time, respectful of each other, and #TeenPit staff. Bullying of any form WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If disrespect of any participant, mentor, or staff member is reported, writers may be removed from the contest. Be kind, considerate, and supportive of each other! Even if you do not make the final round, keep writing!