Working with the Newbies

As a writer and a teacher, I have come to understand something about myself and my craft: I like working with new writers.

Wait. What?

Yes. New writers. The ones who are just beginning their journey toward the published page. Writers like my high school students. Or writers who are taking those first tentative steps toward a finished book. Writers who have finished a manuscript but know they need…something more.

All of us who have written more than a few books know what that moment is like. I can still remember using up the better part of a ream of paper so I could hold the tangible result of my toil in my hands–the weight of it.

I remember thinking, “I made this book.”

It’s a heady feeling that I love being part of. Yes, some of working with new writers feels like my first mod Creative Writing class, and that’s okay. My time with my students is the HIGHLIGHT of my day. But, I am a teacher, which means I can’t help myself. I want to help others learn the lessons I’ve learned through a Bachelor’s in English, and a Master’s in Library Science. Through 14 completed manuscripts and personal experience with a professional editor. Through getting an agent and getting books ready for submission.

So what does this mean for the editing side of my writing life? If you are a newbie, I’m here for you. If you’re struggling with putting the story together, let’s talk. My door is open and class is about to begin.


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