Surviving the Holiday Season

Writers are fickle people, and if we do one thing better than all others, it is procrastinating! There is always something more pressing, especially during the holidays. So how does one stay focused? Should one stay focused in the swirl of snowflakes, eggnog, glitter, and tinsel? A case could be made for enjoying the season, and giving our brains a break.

As a Type-A personality, this is not how I roll. Driven to the point of near-frenzy, I work on multiple projects while correcting students’ papers, editing projects that come my way, and baking the endless cookies.  Somehow, I manage to write a few thousand words in the process.

Surviving the holiday isn’t just about getting the list checked. It’s about making sure we balance our writing needs with our familial ones. And you never know…all those holiday parties and get-togethers just might net you your next main character archetype.



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