And the fairytale journey begins…

I love the movie Pretty Woman, for so many reasons. Vivian’s character is tough, vulnerable, compassionate. She never loses her humanity throughout her experience of becoming a prostitute in LA. Instead, when offered a glimpse of the possibilities that life outside her situation holds, she grabs onto those illusions of a better life and clings to the hope that she will get to experience it. It is the fairytale she challenges Richard Gere to share with her.

Like Vivian, “I want the fairytale” has become my mantra, but for me, it’s all about the writing.

Last week, I was planning for #PitchWars and watching my inbox. Last week, I was an author without a home, a book without an agent. My how things have changed.

Twenty years ago, I had an agent, back when communication was done on the IBM Selectric and watching the inbox meant a once a day pilgrimage to the end of the driveway. Fast forward to today. We have Twitter pitches (twitches). We have social media, online connections, and mail that arrives at the touch of a refresh key. Books leave our nests via keystroke instead of Priority Mail and the “want-it-now” society has created masses of Type A personas driven by a need for constant stimulation.

I get it. I am one.

When I began to write High Vices, it was almost a surreal experience. I like to say the story fell out of my brain because I have to be honest; it was a book I saw from beginning to end. All I had to do was write it down. Now, of course I edited it–obsessively. I am a perfectionist after all. But in reality, I am well aware that first word to agent in six months is quick in this game.

This is my first step on the journey. I will write about writing and the art of teaching on these pages, but I will also share the journey for as long as it lasts. Welcome to my fairytale.


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