Thoughts on YA Readers –The Flash or the Fiction?

I am a high school librarian by day which gives me a unique perspective on the young adult market, since I see publishing in action from an end-user’s point of view. With a stack of freshly-chosen, hard and paper-backed beauties on my counter, I began to consider what I know about how students (YA consumers) … More Thoughts on YA Readers –The Flash or the Fiction?

Writing Organic: The Long-Hand Debate

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: Producing a full manuscript by handwriting might cause blisters, excessive vulgarity, Carpel Tunnel syndrome, nearsightedness, and temporary insanity.  I recently had the opportunity to view an interview with James Patterson about his writing process. It was interesting to me (and many people will know this) that James writes out his manuscripts in … More Writing Organic: The Long-Hand Debate